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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Internet Slay Queen Murdered with Her Tongue and Private Parts Cut Off (Graphic Photos)

Many people have been left in serious shock following the sad news that a popular internet slay queen, DC Queen was killed for money rituals.
Instagram slay queen, DC Queen killed for money rituals
A hot and sexy internet slay queen, DC Queen has been murdered with her tongue and private parts cut off. The Ghanaian girl was reportedly killed at Dome Kwabenya on a night out to Just Torch pub with her body having been harvested for rituals.

Her friends and family members have taken to Facebook to express shock over the sad incident.
Nixon McNeilo wrote: "2000 likes  all is vanity ..girls of today don't like debi debi ebeye yie...slay queen slay queen,who gave you the crown, u want to pose in a range rover,u don't care how the person made his money..perhaps you don't even ask.he will tell you ooo im a scammer then u too junkie you agree meanwhile a genuine hustler is ib your inbox he has sent you 300 messages but you no reply one this era which white man will u chat nor he will send you money just like that? They only use that as a cover up...if u ppl don't wise up trust me every month we will type another rip for another slay queen .....u are jumping from one car to another,one mansion to another so u can pose for dier i go like,if u die too i go type rip...the so called nkoso gals dey love we slay queens go for ur slay kings...
Mmg Mark Bama, a friend wrote: “Still on Wins & Losses MMGempire and we just Loosed our Dc Queen but in everything we give Thanks and Glory to the Most High for we shall win again Sorry Sissy”
Abeg You Chop also said: “Dc Queen was murded by ritual killers “ this should serve a lesson to u Town Girls.”
Cleopatra Barbara Afya Akpablie said she was feeling sad–and added that, “Dc Queen was murdered by Ritual Killers those of you who lyk going to Jus Touch around Kwabenya better put an End to it ryt now cuz, she was found dead with her tongue & pussy Cut off Check first Comment fr d Video In tears now.”
DC Queen was a popular Instagram slay queen who was always seen posing with trending bags, shoes, clothes and what-have-you. Her death has come as a shock to many people. A friend who shared gory photos of the dead woman on Snapchat warned girls to stop patronizing yahoo-yahoo boys who would in turn use them for money rituals.

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