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Friday, 28 July 2017

Female Kidnapper Caught And Stripped Uncl"d At Ajao Estate, Lagos (Photos)

The incident according to an eyewitness occurred at Oke-Afa area very close to canoe junction close to Ajao estate. The woman kidnapper hypnotized a teenage girl at Ajao estate and was taking her to an unknown destination in the name of looking for a warehouse. She followed her from Ajao Estate and when they got to canoe street, two guys appeared asking her what she was looking for. She claimed she is from Togo and hence doesn’t understand English. She was directed by one of the guys to a warehouse in ejigbo and that they should take Marwa from Canoe.

As they were waiting for Marwa, the innocent girl sighted her uncle’s car passing and luckily for her, her uncle saw her standing with the strange woman and he stopped. The woman ran into the street and hid behind some parked cars on sighting the uncle. The hypnotised girl told the uncle that they were looking for a warehouse .The uncle asked her who she was with? The girl turned back but couldn’t find the woman. The woman remained in her hiding position until the uncle entered into his car. She then came out again and starting dragging
the girl that she should forget about her uncle not knowing that the man was still watching. The Uncle came out and rushed immediately to where the woman and the girl were standing and all of a sudden the woman started confessing in Igbo language telling the Uncle that she doesn’t know the girl, etc.
She confessed that after collecting money from the parents, they have people they supply human parts and that she will sell the girl to them for rituals. If not for police intervention, she would have been lynched to death.
female kidnapper at Okeafa
female kidnapper at Okeafa1
female kidnapper at Okeafa2
female kidnapper at Okeafa3
female kidnapper at Okeafa4

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